Mediumship 101-Introduction to Mediumship
About Lesson
  • Ways you can tell you have abilities (you know who’s on the phone when it rings, when someone says, “you’ll never guess what happened to me” and you KNOW, you see, hear, feel, smell the presence of someone who’s passed.
  • How to navigate the world with abilities
  • Dealing with pulling impressions off of other people

The more you practice the more turned up you will get. Your hearing becomes more acute.

On day 1, I’ll teach you how to exist in the world as a sensitive and some of the ways that we get overwhelmed by other people’s energy.

Most MEDIUMS are PSYCHIC, most PSYCHICS AREN’T MEDIUMS! This is why you will see more psychics advertising their services online or on flyers stuck to the windshield of your car at the grocery store. Talented mediums don’t have to advertise because word of mouth sends clients their way! You have a sixth sense. How do you get through life with an extra sense? How do you process being able to hear people’s thoughts? Sometimes they’re good thoughts and sometimes they’re bad. I’m going to help you to navigate the world with your Sixth Sense.

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