Mediumship 050 – Children’s Course

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About Course

When I was a gifted child, there were no real resources to guide me down my spiritual path, and even fewer guides for my parents. So, I created one for today’s gifted children and their parents, hoping that it illuminates the way less traveled for them. Through my video “Gifted Kids” course I will help bring understanding to families who have kids with abilities, and hopefully, teach the parents a thing or two as well. My course was created for kids ages (3-15) to watch with their parents. If you have a teenager older than that or more advanced in their abilities, they can take my Introduction to Mediumship course, if they are under 18 they will need their parent’s permission.

A key part of this course is that parents and students will have access to our Discord server (online chat and video) to ask me questions about their child’s gifts so I can help navigate them through teaching their child. If the children (students) are old enough to message on Discord (with their parent’s permission) those children will connect with other children in their class who share their abilities. ONLY people registered for this class have access to this forum, and the children’s class is a separate entity from the adult courses, so there’s no crossing over between adult and kid’s classes. The children can message me on Discord, and only me and their classmates can see the question and my answer. I will hop on a monthly Zoom call with the Gifted Kids class to see how they’re progressing and to answer any questions about their abilities they might have. I want to help teach young people how to grow their abilities throughout their lives, how to create boundaries for themselves between themselves and the dead, and how to embrace their unique abilities.

Many parents don’t realize that anxiety can be linked to a child’s paranormal abilities. I’m seeing a lot of kids prescribed medication for “anxiety” something that all gifted people have plenty of! Often with the gifted, their source of anxiety stems from absorbing other people’s energy, and not realizing it. They don’t know how to protect themselves from carrying it around, I will teach them some methods to help them to cope. Sensitives are wired slightly differently than other people and they need to learn how to not only grow their abilities but how to deflect negative energy. There are a lot of tips and exercises that can be implemented in order to bring peace to gifted children in their lives. I have much to teach gifted kids, and more to teach their parents. If your child is dreaming about or “seeing”, “hearing”, and “sensing” the dead or they hear people’s thoughts, even pick up on people’s illnesses or feelings; then this class is for you!

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What Will You Learn?

  • Parents will learn how to navigate life with a gifted child.
  • Gifted children will learn how to increase their abilities and how to center themselves as their abilities grow.

Course Content

Children’s Course

  • Introduction
  • Questions and Answers
  • 03:02
  • Bedtime
  • Borders and Boundaries
  • Crowds
  • Drawing
  • Imaginary Friends
  • Spirits
  • Mediumship Practice
  • Psychic Practice
  • Final

Recess! and the Laboratory