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School for the Gifted

I’m Allison DuBois, the founder and Head Mistress of Dead University. I, along with my faculty, will help you find your place in the ethereal world. You are our magick makers. If you want to build your confidence and improve your abilities, this University is for you.

Meet our Head Mistress

Allison DuBois is a world renown medium. Her time interning with the District Attorney’s office is the inspiration for the NBC/CBS hit television show MEDIUM, that ran for 7 seasons and is still watched by millions of people around the world.


Allison is a New York Times Best-Selling Author who has published 6 books in several languages, popular worldwide. She hosts the Yea Networks podcast “The Dead Life”, which is in the top 1% of all podcasts, looking at life after death and all things ethereal through the eyes of guests from different walks of life.


Professor of Astrology

Professor of Earth Magick

Professor of Healing

Professor of Mediumship
Head Mistress

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