Healing 101- Introduction to Healing

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Welcome to the College of Healing. I’m Diane Goldner, as you probably already know, and I am really glad to be here with you. We are going to look at what does it mean to be a healer? How do you know if you’re a healer? You may not know if you’re a healer yet, and that’s totally fine, as you all know. I didn’t know I was a healer, and now I’ve been doing it for 30 years. So what does it take? I think one of the things is, do you are you always trying to heal yourself? That’s really important.

Do you are you always trying to improve your own life in some way? Or whether it’s physically or emotionally? And you also want to help other people do that. Do you also want to know what makes you tick and other people tick? Are you curious about, you know, why people are doing what they’re doing? And do you think you have an understanding of what they could possibly be doing differently or what they’re missing or what they need to know? Another thing that is really a good skill, I want to say skill, but it’s more than a skill. It’s really innate to you. Do you feel compassionate about what’s going on with other people or are you and empathic? Do you feel what other people are feeling? Now, this is one of the things that really makes you a very good healer, but it’s also, I have to tell you, one of the things that can be problematic.

This course comes with 3 months of access to the Q&A and practice circle. This is an area where the instructor answers questions and has video chats.

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Course Content

Intro to Healing

  • 03:56
  • What is healing?
  • What is subtle energy?
  • Are you clairvoyant?
  • Metaphysical aspects of being a healer.
  • Connection between body and soul.
  • Body Symbology


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