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Here, Professor McMullan describes his astrology course, and what he hopes you will learn from his lessons. It is required that you purchase the following two textbooks: - Complete Astrology by Alan Oken - Astrology: A Cosmic Science by Isabel M. Hickey You will also need software to cast astrological charts. There are both free and paid software available. For professional astrolgers, Solar Fire available at also has a free service to cast birth charts. On their home page, look for the "My Free Birth Chart" link in the middle of the page. Then enter your information and select "submit". There is also free software at
Professor Mcmullan describes the energy of each planet and how they affect us.
Professor McMullan breaks down the twelve houses and how they relate to the planets in a birth chart. He uses his client, "Michael", as an example. You will study his chart to better understand Michael's energy and how to read a chart in general. So you can follow along, Michael's birth information is: Birthday: February 26th, 1966 @ 10:26pm PST (UTC: +8) Birthplace: Fontana, California (34.09N Latitude, -117.44W Longitude) is a resource where you can create birth charts for free. Once you go to, click on "free birth chart", enter the birth information and press submit. If you intend to pursue an Astrology career, Professor McMullan recommends that you consider purchasing Solar Fire software.
This lesson will help you become familiar with different aspects in charts such as Trines, Squares, and Oppositions which are extremely pivotal in understanding a person's karma and energy.
An overview of all the lessons you've learned in this course and what your next step might be as a student of Astrology.
Astrology 101-Introduction to Astrology
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